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- CasinaTitian
RIP CasinaTitian may the captains words live on forever.

- nikkiluvzcoffee
heyo motherfuckers it's your lord and saviour nikki, back from the fucking dead to give you some interesting news. i am not an admin and i am dead. yes it is a very startling update and eggstremely GRAVE news. but i gotta tell you folks that you gotta listen to captain titty, whori tori, and sergeant bitchtit. not krisdidly bee bee though, he's not good for smackin' down cold hard wisdom on all y'alls fucking dinner platters. be sure to floss your fuckin stuff and tell everyone to 'get shit on'. i'm going back to my spook mansion, assholes. later fucks.

- poultry_queen
yoo it's sergeant bitchtit back at it for the second time ever. i wanted to jump right back into this dank ass meme and tell you about day 15. day 15 is where all us fuckboys gather and eat several plates off solidified ass and applesauce. we must follow and read every wise and beautiful word that captain titty writes us. hail our lord and saviour jehovah. thank you and have a spectacular fucking evening

- CasinaTitian
yoo it be captain titty back at it one more time. Just wanted to pop in and say WEESNAW and give it up for day 15. Thank you for your time and effort for reading this selection that should be copied into a Bible. Want to give a quick shout out to my good friends Niagara Nate, Kris-B-Kreme, Whori Tori, God Thresh, Febrisa, Sweg Sam Savior, and most importantly Hot Wing for being pimp overlords. Thank you have a chill day peace and blessings. titty out.

- toriginull
sup nerds its whori tori jumpin on the shitpost bandwagon. just came in to say the peer pressure of the captain titty, Kris-B-Cream, and sergeant bitchtit posts i felt the need to butt right into the action. these assholes have gr9 words to say checkem out and buy everett's mixtape droppin out on may 22nd #promo l8er nerds

- CasinaTitian
yoo it's captain titty back at it once again. I'm here to tell you about Kris-B-Cream. and it is true that you must embrace the powers of me since of course I'm captain titty. just know i am the over ruler of applesauce and that i will destroy you in League. so go on and do your beluga whale things for this world. and one last final message. Brodie has his fruity ways.

- krisdb2009
whatup twinkle twats, it be me, krisdidly bee bee. im here to tell you all that if you find yourself in a pickle, you must embrace the power of captian tittys wise words. they helped me thru my predicaments, and they will help you too. peace to all you cruelly appalling lout and a fiendish congenitally clueless mental midget with the natural grace of an intoxicated beluga whale.

- poultry_queen
yo it's sergeant bitchtit back at it. i really like chickens, nothing can compare to chickens i just really like chickens. it's all i will ever love. once you become one with the chicken then the chicken will love you back. wise words from bitchtit today

- iamepicface
I am a huge ass banana

- CasinaTitian
yoo it's captain titty back at it. i really like apple sauce, nothing can compare to apple sauce i just really like apple sauce. It's all i will ever eat. Once you become one with the apple sauce then apple sauce will love you back. wise words from adri today

- Chronicx3
What time does it actually start thought it would start tonight?

- Tyi_
Survival Sunday? What have I been missing out on?!

- krisdb2009
So excited for Survival Sunday! Who else is?

- Tyi_

- NiKoLaPrO
I applied for admin!!! :D

- CasinaTitian
yo waddupp guys it's yo home girl captain titty. just wanted to pop on in and say you're all perfect and beautiful and don't ever say that you're not. alright that's adri's words of complements today. later nerds ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- twerkingsquids
hello im twerk and i really like obama. one reason i like obama is because he likes tacos. i like tacos. obama likes tacos. me and obama should get married. obama doesnt know who i am. but i love obama. it hurts to know he doesnt love me back. i deal with the pain by eating tacos. obama likes tacos.

- cteran

- cteran
morning everyone not a good day my firbromyalgia and chronic pain doing bad today and my son decided to leave me to go live with his dad. I feel so betrayed and hurt and that I went through everything for nothing. :(

- cteran
Good Morning everyone today is a happy glee day i wake up to it everyday with my daughter to get her up for school instead of yelling and saying things like your going to be late. HAVE A HAPPY GLEE DAY :)

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